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I have 4 items for sale. I got these items with a purchase of a used GT-R. They had these items but never installed them. Everything is brand new and never used. Boxes were opened to verify contents. I am located in Southern California Orange County. Occassionally travel up to Los Angeles.

Email [email protected]

I accept paypal which is the same address as above email. I'm a verified premier member since 2000 with over 200+ transactions with other verified members.

I am willing to trade but only body part upgrades. Specifically CF lips/side skirts/diffuser/wings etc....

Cobb AccessPORT AP-NIS-005

Greddy Suction Kit GT-R (R35) (The HKS downpipes that are pictured are not included) The Greddy box on the right I haven't opened but I'm pretty sure that has the couplings and clamps and stuff.
SOLD shipped

Greddy Aluminum Hard Pipe kit with dual Greddy BOV
(The HKS downpipes that are pictured are not included)

HKS Downpipes with gaskets and bolts/nuts (I couldn't find a price for this online but I figure this is ball park figure)

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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