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GT-R, GTTS, GT Pictures...

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Finally stop raining, got a few pics of the trio....

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Great stable, thanks for sharing! Any mods on the Ford?
great trio of cars you have there!
my friend eric told me you guys did some logging today
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Amazing lineup.
Love the cars, they are so clean!
Amazing cars, and greeat pics!
Nice stable. What kind of lift is that
Beautiful! I am putting in a hoist too!
amazing, you're my idol

tell me what you do so i can switch my career haha
Gallardo Spyder looks sooo much better than the coupe IMO.
You must be the Mr Jones of the neighborhood that people try to keep up with.

Beautiful cars.
congrats bro! that would be my collection if I won the lotto!

Edit: and a TT 458
They all look great, not even sure which I like more but maybe the GT. By the way, how well does that 4 post lift work for you?
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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