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We aim to create a GT-R community of the highest quality. As a result, the staff of GT-R Life has adopted the following policies. These policies are in effect for everyone site wide. You must accept these policies in order to be and remain an active member on GT-R Life. If you do not accept these terms, please notify an administrator and your account will be permanently disabled.


Posting on GT-R Life is a privilege and not a right. The staff of GT-R Life is empowered to enforce these policies. GT-R Life will make every reasonable effort to keep these rules updated however GT-R Life does reserve the right to update rules without notice.

Given the real time, high volume of activity on this site, the staff of GT-R Life can not view every single post made. We do however review every reported post. If you see a post that is violating the rules, you can report it by clicking on the report post icon below the post in question.

Registration & Member Accounts

Every member is allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not permitted without prior authorization. The discovery of a duplicate account will result in a permanent ban on the duplicate account and a minimum 30 day ban on the original account. Repeat offenses or multiple duplicate accounts will result in a permanent ban across both the original and all duplicate accounts.

Threads & Posts

The following will not, under any circumstances, be tolerated and are subject to warning and suspension:
  • Knowingly misrepresenting yourself or information to the community
    This includes but is not limited to:
    --Unfulfilled Offers
    --Lying about capability, ability, or specifications
    --Cancelled events and promotions without appropriate notice and refund
    --Claiming or denying affiliation with entities/organizations when that is not the case
  • Baseless or flagrant personal attacks
    This includes but is not limited to:
    --Referring to someone as stupid, retarded, an idiot, etc
    --F**** You
    --People like you make me sick
    --Phrases intended to attack and demean an individual as opposed to addressing the topic/subject in question
  • Threats
  • Hateful content toward any individual or group
  • Sexism, racism, or anti-ethnic remarks
  • Animal cruelty, sexual exploitation, or gore
  • R/NC17 rated sexual content
  • Underage sexual content
  • Content regarding illegal drug use and access to illegal drugs
  • Political or religious content
  • Trolling
    This includes but is not limited to:
    --Continuously engaging a member or vendor in a pattern that attempts to degrade that member or vendor
    --Making statements that continuously force an otherwise upstanding member or vendor to defend themselves from a baseless or unfounded argument
    --Deliberately forcing an individual, group, or the community to face a topic in an unproductive fashion to elicit a negative emotional response
  • Spam
    This includes but is not limited to:
    --Unapproved linking, unrelated to the site's activity
    --Buy these online pharmacy pills....

NWS Content

GT-R Life is a work-safe environment. The content on this site is to be kept to a PG-13 standard. This means no full nudity. For content that may be PG-13, you are required to put "NWS" or "NSFW". If it is beyond PG-13, for example: sex acts, do not post it. If this type of material is posted, it will be removed and you will receive a warning. If it happens a second time, you will receive a minimum two week suspension.

Posting & PMing

Do not make new threads to artificially inflate your post count. Do not make new posts to artificially inflate your post count.

If you post "repost", also post a reference link to where the material was previously posted.

Do not cross post content into multiple sub-forums.

Do not make CarFax requests.

Do not, under any circumstances, attack, abuse, harass, or threaten members via private message. If alerted, the staff will review PMs to ensure site rules and federal & international laws are not being violated. If found, this will result in an immediate permanent ban.

Do not circumvent Moderator or Administrator action. For example, do not start a new thread after an old one was closed or create/use a different account after another one was suspended. Violations of this policy will result in an immediate 30 day suspension. Repeat offenses will result in a permanent ban.

Do not post links that are directed toward sites that have been identified as engaging or having been engaged in malicious behavior with respect to GT-R Life. Violations of this policy will result in an immediate 30 day suspension. A second violation will result in a permanent ban. Additionally, GT-R Life cannot be used to promote, advertise or reference sites that have or have been identified as engaging in malicious activity with respect to GT-R Life. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Media bearing the offending entities watermarks, logos, labels
  • Signature & user profile content
  • Post content
  • Openly offering or requesting information via GT-R Life PM system
  • Unsolicited PMs

Promotion, Advertising without being a Vendor & The Market Place

The staff of GT-R Life will be acting to protect GT-R Life and the investment of vendors in the GT-R Life community.

GT-R Life has agreements within the industry that it must abide by. Do not use GT-R Life to promote or advertise external GT-R communities and sites or GT-R businesses without consent. This includes: advertising other events, event coverage, marketing mechanisms, as well as general promotion.

Note: Event promotion in the main R35 section of the site is prohibited for all vendors and members without explicit site owner authorization. Topics in violation will be moved to the appropriate regional subforum without redirect.

Members Without Vendor Status

Members who are not vendors may not:
  • Create company marketing threads
  • Promote the contact information or addresses of companies that are not vendors on GT-R Life
  • Post or PM any ads to sell any products or services aside from 1 GT-R for sale listings and 2 Personal purchases as permitted within the marketplace
  • Solicit business or post advertisements that contain contact information and/or pricing
  • Advertise or promote events on the site without site owner authorization. This includes but is not limited to dyno days and track events.
On the first instance of this behavior, a warning will be issued and the offending content removed. A second violation will result in a two week suspension. Additional activity will result in a permanent ban.

Members are not permitted to post affiliate links or links in which the poster benefits financially unless both prior consent by an administrator is given and public disclosure is made in the content posted.

Only authorized GT-R Life sponsors are permitted to use a business name or information in their user name or avatar. The first violation of this rule will result in a warning and removal of all business information from user profile, posts, etc. Additional violations will result in 2 week suspensions or permanent removal from GT-R Life

Intellectual Property

GT-R Life recognizes and protects its intellectual property and the intellectual property of those who choose to do business with GT-R Life. GT-R Life reserves the right to moderate content to protect these interests.

Members are not permitted to insert a vendor's logo or contact information in their signature, username, or avatar or otherwise configure their profile such that their relationship with a vendor or with GT-R Life may be confused. If/when discovered, this will be corrected by first giving the member the opportunity to correct the error. If the error is not corrected within 24hrs, corrective action will be taken which may include editing the users profile and changing the member's name to a generic user name if needed. If the behavior persists, a permanent suspension will be issued.

Vendor Interactions

Do not post baseless accusations or attacks against vendors: If you have something negative to say, explain yourself and cite or quote references. Do not violate site policy to cite or quote references.

Vendor reviews are encouraged however, vendor reviews are to be posted in the vendor review section. Vendor reviews found elsewhere are subject to being moved to the vendor review section without redirect. If they are not in compliance with vendor review section requirements, they are subject to being removed.

Negative Vendor Reviews

Before making a negative review in the Vendor Review section, be sure to contact the vendor in question to attempt to settle the issue. State that you are unhappy and request what you believe is necessary to resolve the issue for you. If this fails, you may make a negative review in the Vendor Review section. When making a negative review, be sure to state all relevant facts and leave all emotion out of it. You will be asked the following questions:

1. Do you want the thread to remain open to everyone or moderated for just you and the vendor?
2. Do you believe you were defrauded?
3. To the best of your knowledge, were you sold replica products?
4. Do you believe you were purposely mislead?
5. Are you seeking compensation (cash, refund, etc...) as a result of any inconvenience you experienced?

Negative review threads will be closed once the underlying issue is resolved. If a vendor cannot resolve the thread per the member's request or if the member is not seeking any particular resolution, it will be closed when the vendor responds and the member acknowledges this response.

Marketplace Conduct

Within the marketplace, do not post negative criticisms on prices. If you feel that a price being asked is too high for a product or service, you may only post your thoughts if:
1. Something in the post says that the original poster is open to feedback on pricing
2. You can provide references and justify your case

Note that if a seller and another member get into an argument in this manner, the member will likely be found at fault.

GT-R Deals

Members who find a great deal on a GT-R may only post the price and dealer name. The salesperson's name and referral links may not be posted. Members may not publicly solicit other members to contact them for this referral information.


GT-R Life material and property, including intellectual property, may only be redistributed with permission and may not be redistributed for profit.

All issues on the site should be taken to moderators or admins via private messages or reported posts. Do not send a private message to one member of the staff with the expectation that the entire staff will review it. In such a case, the staff member the message was addressed to will read it when they have time. Instead, for important cases where a member seeks the attention of the staff on an issue, the member should use the report post link below the material in question. Within the report, the member should detail his or her view. This will ensure that the staff will see the note in the most timely manner possible.


Except where defined above, violations of site policy will be handled in the following three step manner:
1 A warning
2 A two week suspension
3 Permanent suspension

Rules intentionally broken in such a way so as to not be discovered, or rules that are broken in an egregious fashion, will result in an immediate 30 day suspension. A permanent ban will be issued on the second such offense.

Individuals who repeatedly and consistently violate site policy are subject to permanent suspension.

The marketplace for sale sections of the site have policies in addition to these. Be sure to read those stated policies when posting in those sections.


The staff of GT-R Life wants to create the best community experience for everyone. If you have a concern, issue or question of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know.

-GT-R Life Staff
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