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GT-R Sales - September 2011

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107 - September 2011

112 - August 2011
56- July 2011
99- June 2011
132- May 2011
258- April 2011
278- March 2011
38- February 2011
22- January 2011
1102 - Sold to date in 2011
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Up 69.8% for the month. 48.3 % for the year.

Nissan sold 1031 LEAFS in September. 24 thousand something Altimas that I am too lazy to look at the exact number because its depressing. Most people buy the appliances.
So whats the worldwide numbers of the GTR?
So whats the worldwide numbers of the GTR?
Good question. Last time I stopped by Mitsuwa to see if they had GTR Magazine, they were out. All my world numbers are pretty out of date now.
Just saw this from Porsche to put their USA September/year-to-date sales in perspective:

Model-----------------------------------------------September 2011----------------------------Year-to-Date
--------------------------------------------------------Current Year---------Prior Year--------Current Year----------Prior Year

ALL BOXSTER/CAYMAN------------------------222---------------------214----------------2,692-------------------2,803

ALL 911---------------------------------------------504---------------------325----------------4,757-------------------4,222

ALL CAYENNE-------------------------------------930---------------------808---------------10,031-------------------5,098

ALL PANAMERA----------------------------------514---------------------624----------------5,184--------------------5,565

GRAND TOTALS--------------------------------2,170------------------1,971---------------22,664------------------17,690

Shows you how more more exclusive a GT-R is than a 911, with a little over 4 times more 911's than GT-R's to date this year! And perhaps the grand totals increase tells you something about the economy at the Porsche level.
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