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2010 Changes - 485 horsepower. Front-seat and side curtain airbags are now standard on both models. The 2010 GT-R also gets an enhanced suspension with redesigned shocks, new wheel finishes and new transmission control module programming "which optimizes clutch engagement for improved acceleration from a standing start with the vehicle dynamic control on,"

In addition, the braking system has been updated with more rigid brake lines for improved durability, and the brake calipers now carry both the Brembo and Nissan logos. Finally, the GT-R's state-of-the-art suspension has been retuned with redesigned Bilstein shocks with a new valve body design and revised spring and damper rates. 2010 GT-R (A54)
The base GT-R model is now equipped with slightly darker, high-luster, smoke finish for the 20-inch RAYS forged aluminum-alloy wheels, while a new "near-black" metallic wheel finish is standard on the Premium model. For 2010, one new color - Pearl White - is offered, while the Super Silver(KAB) exterior color has been enhanced to include a polished front bumper.

Titanium(GAC) was dropped as a color option.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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