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GTR in Motortrend's Best Driver's Car

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This was just released today. I knew it would be in the line up. A little suprised that it wasn't faster than the vette. Nonetheless it did really well.

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Nice publicity for the GT-R! Set a lap time on par with GT3 RS, Ferrari 458, Audi R8 GT and Lexus LFA. Now that's success!
In before skyliner's comments! (j/k)

Thats awesome, man am I ever excited to drive one of these!

Nice time for the GT-R! But damn, the Z06 ran a 1:34.43?!
LFA is lagging behind most the test or barely beaten the old GTR...that is why they have to show a nur edition which is how much 500k. Maybe Randy Pobst is the Maerican Stig, i think he is a benchmark test driver..
Nice time for the GT-R! But damn, the Z06 ran a 1:34.43?!
taken from Z06 portion of Motortrend article it was wearing the "optional barely street-legal race-compound tires".

the michelin PS Cup ZP's are 80 treadwear R compound tires (Compared to Dunlop's 200). It's a good place to start if you want to bring down lap times.
yea if the vette was on r comps... no wonder. that makes a huge difference, especially when hot. that's almost cheating except it is an option this year...
very nice placement
Actually surprised the Ferrari 458 (1.36.22) beat the GTR's g (1.36.35) time.
Final results are in:

GTR #2, Ferrari 458 #1, Z06 #6

Drag race video is pretty nice to watch as weel. It's on page 1.

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