YOKOHAMA, Japan (July 23, 2014) - Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd. (Nismo) is offering the "NISMO N Attack Package," which takes the dedicated parts used by the NISSAN GT-R NISMO at the Nürburgring circuit, where it recorded the fastest time of any other volume production car, and combines them with assembly at the directly managed NISMO Omori Factory. This package will now be offered as a FACTORY LINE product and Nismo will be accepting orders starting from July 23rd.

On September 30th 2013, at the Nürburgring circuit, the NISSAN GT-R NISMO recorded a time of 7 minutes 8.679 seconds, a time which shattered the NISSAN GT-R's own previous best time by more than 10 seconds. Behind the wheel of the NISSAN GT-R NISMO was a driver squad led by Michael Krumm that was supported by a team of engineers and mechanics from both Nissan and Nismo. Together they took up the challenge of Nürburgring's Nordschleife (North Course), a track that is unique amongst all others around the world for combining a closed circuit with a nearby mountain pass, and this team superbly cleared the time that they had set for themselves.

The "NISMO N Attack Package" offers the dedicated parts that were specially developed through this project to achieve optimal speed such as aerodynamics necessary for superior down-force, suspension which can handle such a punishing road surface full of undulations and turbulent fluctuations, and full bucket seats essential to maintain the optimal driving position even under powerful g-forces. These parts are combined with assembly at the Omori Factory whose mechanics are indispensable in the tuning of numerous Nissan vehicles and who participated in the time attack project. This is really a package that allows you to faithfully recreate the vehicle which blitzed the time attack at Nürburgring.

There are two types of packages on offer in order to meet the unique needs of our customers. The complete "N Attack Package A kit" (two seat / notification of fundamental structure changes required) which allows you to fully enjoy the same performance of the time attack car and the "N Attack Package B kit" (4 seat spec) which is based on the A kit but also gives consideration to everyday use. For both the A and B kit delivery of the vehicle is received by the Omori factory and, after assembly, driving tests and the production of a notification of fundamental structure changes (A kit only) the car will be delivered to you.

In addition, the car can also be equipped with the optional, competition exclusive parts of a dedicated carbon hood gurney and six-point seatbelt intended for use only in closed circuits.

Sale of this package to customers outside of Japan is scheduled to begin after autumn.

US Pricing installed by Stillen

$52K for Kit B

$98K for Kit A

UK pricing

£95,000 or 143K USD for KIT A

£45,000 or around 68K USD for KIT B

Japanese pricing

8.2 million yen or 70K USD for Kit A

4.2 Million Yen for Kit B around 36K for KIT B