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GTR R35 579 hp vs C6 ZO6 583 hp

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Hard to pull a similar powered RWD car on a highway run!

Quick cars
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Did we watch the same vid? The Z06 got slaughtered in the first run. The second one, makes sense.
The Z06 shifting was perfect!
Finally some HD quality videos from KSA !

Now I know the Z06 had the second run, but I REALLY wasn't expecting the GTR to hold that much, considering the power to weight and all...but damn that Chevy don't play no games!

Tslm abo marzooq!
i cant comment on this as i have tuned both cars

All i cn say, it is a great run and it was one of the few good video footage i saw from my home town.
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Completely as expected.
Z06 has a passenger, don't know if GTR has one. I was wondering if GTR can pull a little when z06 get into that tall 5th gear?
Good racing. He yanked some gears in that 2nd race. Fine work. Thanks for sharing!
yes the Z06 has two people in it while the GTR has only one. but trust me the 2 passengers in the Z06 are almost equal the wight of the GTR passenger and the GTR Passenger is not a heavy wight or anything like that
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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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