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GTR Track Day Grattan Raceway (Grattan, MI) 5 Car Limit - $300 bucks

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Hey guys at mid-ohio 3 balls event today and weather is junk, ran into Bullo (Goodwood bailed due to weather) anyway, I can get Grattan Saturday from 1-5 and thinking of having a GTR only event - need 4 more guys, 300 bucks each, and includes ambulance service. Let me know if interest! I need to confirm by Thursday night, supposed to be Sunny and 70 saturday (since we won't start till 1 everyone from Chicago and Detroit can make it and still sleep in!).

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Steve, it was nice to meet you and hang with you and your father.
I am glad I got one semi dry session, it's better than nothing. I don't blame Goodwood for calling it off, good decision.

Regarding this event at Grattan, I'M IN!
Organize it and I'm there.

Will call you in the morning.
Oh BTW, personally, I wouldn't mind up to 10 cars at this event.
Bullo, weather is not looking good... will pass this weekend. I will keep you posted on another date. Either grattan or gingerman.
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