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Hello All,

I recently just heard a noise coming from my GTR That sounds like a Squeak/Tick. This happened during the cold start of the car-was making a video of the car and its recently added light mod, for the holidays :).
Unsure what this could possibly be-don't recall ever hearing this before. I did park the car in the driveway last night (usually don't have it in the driveway) and it sat at a slight incline-so, i'm unsure if that could be anything?
I added a video of the sound-if anyone thinks they know what the issue could be/what it was (maybe just a weird GTR noise?).
Sound did end up going away within 2-3 minutes of the video ending.

Car mods:
Full bolt on 93 / Ecutek tuned / ID 1050 injectors / Gotboost intake / AMS downpipe / Titanium Armytrix full exhaust /ETS Street intercooler /Boostlogic 750x /AEM 340Iph fuel pumps

NOTE: If this is in the wrong forum-I apologize. Please direct me to the right one.
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