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Just finished installing AAM's 650R package, and am still working on the remote tune.

Was going under a bridge and decided to open it up a little bit to hear the exhaust. Go into 3rd, and go about half way down on the loud pedal. Feels like it's almost winding up to go, hear the revs climb, and then it feels like I hit a brick wall. Dash lights up like a christmas tree, T/M ERROR! ENGINE MALFUNCTION! SERVICE ENGINE SOON!

Oh crap. Did I overboost? Quick check of the gauges, Everything is still proper. Look out the back, No blue smoke, no trail of fluid behind me. Wait, what's this? Stuck in auto mode.. can't go past 1500 RPM!? Yay, limp mode on the freeway.

Try my best to get it the 12 blocks home, Stalls multiple times and I manage to catch every red light possible. Plug my Cobb in, P0700. Too much torque.

Haha, That's the kind of code I like to see!

Will wait until it's not -34C outside and I have traction before driving the car anymore so I can finish getting it tuned properly.
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