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Being our first post on Nagtroc we hope to have all details accurate on this build. First and foremost let me thank all the below who who been a part of this project, alphabetically and further below all would know who was involved on what as there are many stories flying around which are not accurate or can say straight down to the point :

Thanks goes to :
Ali Al Bishr, Owner whose dreams have come true
Aeromotive, Steve thanks for your input on the Fuel System
Carbon Dry Japan, thanks for your Dry Carbon Items
Dallas Performance, Taylor thanks for the custom fabricated Turbo Chargers
DEI, for the sound and heat proofing
Forged Performance, Sharif who has done the mapping and Chris who built us the motor, and Decker who supplied us with alot of the parts
Glencoe UK, thanks for the input on the fuel system
GTC UK for the Exhaust System
Head Games for the Cams and Head Assy
HKS, for the custom built suspension and support on this project
JUN Auto Japan, for the Intake Manifold, etc
Mohd Joker, the link between us and Ali the owner of the car
Sheptrans, John thanks for helping us to get the exact specification on the tranny that we needed
Tam Auto, for us using their workshop and dyno endless hours till early morning at times.
Top Racing HKG, for all the dry carbon parts perfect fitment no issues at all

Let us start how this project came to being. Ali contacted Mohd Joker who is the as mentioned the link between us to search for a workshop that we can use to commence a dream. Main concept that we agreed on this build was that the motor has to be a daily driven with stock like drivability and a very quiet monster. Endless hours of meeting at my office and on the blackberry messenger and I guess we went full swing during the beginning of this year on this project.

Parts were ordered time to time. We were stuck on the engine set up at the first. Either 3.8L or the 4.0L wet sleeve type. Looking at the power and how Ali wanted his car to be we both decided the best would be the wet sleeve 4.0L Greddy Block.

We have already bought the short block by this time, just needed the head assy - here Ali contacted Head Games and went for custom spec head job and custom spec cams.

This procedure took over 3 months. Tranny was sent to Sheptrans. John and us had various emails across each other -- very helpful guy -- and we gave him the green light to go ahead on the set up which was agreed mutually.

Now came the set up on the turbo and intercooler - we had the thing that we needed to go for something big on the cooling side. Decided and purchased from Top Racing. Turbo took us really long. Only issue was there was nothing in the market at that time that suits Ali's needs. But by chance we came across a Alpha 10 kit - turbos were thrown out and Taylor at Dallas Performance was contacted to make us a custom built turbo charger.

In the meantime we were testing other cars running high power (700whp+). We always had issues on the fuel system. Initial set up was using the Hi-Flow HKS pumps with HKS 860cc injectors and we have seen on the small builds its fine but not for going anything above 800whp. Then came in the AMS Fuel System. This system proved better for little more power but again not enough for what we are in need. We were again back to where we started. Several failures on fuel issues and countless visit of Sharif occurred during this time.

Finally Ali and us agreed on a fuel system, still again using the stock system, without any external pumps etc. Gave the drawing on how it needs to be done and prepared to TAM Auto. We provided Tam Auto with all the necessary parts for the same, though some of the fitting were picked up locally. We had to improvise the full set up but we stuck to the Bosch Twin Pumps and Bracket supplied by AMS rest was totally changed.

Once all was done on the parts side and brought down to me in my office -- Ali and I had a serious meeting who to bring and start building the motor etc. Our short block came separately etc so we needed some one to build us a fine strong engine. Forged came in to our rescue. Sharif sent his best engine builder Chris. All parts for Ali's car were now sent across to TAM Auto just prior to Chris's visit. As soon as Chris came in engine was fixed up torqued etc and built into the car itself. There were so many issues at that time, missing parts etc though thanks to TAM and Forged all were sorted out in time.

Now that the motor was ready for tuning -- Sharif had to be called in. Boom Sharif is on the next flight in to Dubai. Lots of work done re-done even at the time of tuning but at the end Ali and all have reached the target that we started out as.

This project was a dream come true to have something rock solid built reliable and a daily driven car. We thank Ali who has been the person behind scenes at most of the times. He being a shy guy never mentioned his name to be posted -- but we had to as without his dreams and push we would never have been able to provide him back a car up to his expectations.

Special thanks and utmost respect to the guys at TAM -- guys without your understanding we are sure we were never able to reach where we are today on this project, thanks.

Sharif -- needless to say you rock. We have learned alot from you really -- and don't worry next visit is already planned for the GT-R R35 India Project, car owned by Tarik Gore, this one we will go on a higher level then this one.

Let me close this thread with few pics & the long list of parts included in the making of this motor for the project. More photos will be put up shortly on FB as well.

-Greddy Big Bore VR38 Shortblock
-Head Games street/race port. Guides, Valve job, lash, mill assemble
-Headgames spec camshaft
-ARP L19 Head and Main Stud -JUN Auto polish Intake manifold with custom 68mm throttle body

-Dodson coolant 68c thermostat
-Dodson engine oil 85c thermostat
-Greddy DTC oil cooler
-Samco water hoses
-Greddy XL intercooler kit
-FORGE header Tank

Drive train
Sheptrans fully build transmission with
-HKS kansai front differential
-OS rear Differential
-Dodson 4wd gears
-HKS custom Drag race setup SUSPENSION
-AP racing J HOOKS GROOVED front & Rear Disks
-Endless Front and Rear Pads
-Driveshaft shop 1000hp Full set axel shaft and main drive shaft
-Forged Performance Extreme Performance Sway Bar Set with racing end links
-Forged performance brake lines

Fuel system:
-AMS based modified fuel system
-T1 Race Fuel Rails
-ID 2000cc injectors

Turbo kit:
AMS alpha kit with Dallas performance spec turbo

GTC 102mm

Electronics :
-HKS EVC6 boost control
-HKS ATSC HKS Active Torque Split Controller to be tested later

-Full heat shield and sound proof DEI material
- Zele Dry carbon front bumper, Dry carbon Side skirts -HKS Kansai Front lip
-Top Racing Dry carbon: bonnet, doors, front fenders, trunk, rear bumper, Side mirrors
-Carbon Dry Japan Dry carbon rear wing, Dry carbon Rear diffuser
-TE37 SL with Mickey Thompson Performance Tires, ET Street Radial
-Technocraft carbon seats


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We need vids ASAP

This build is very unique

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The crazy thing, is with the GTC exhaust (good work Ben) this car is damn quite! Ali and I drove the car to the airport when he was dropping me off. Completely smooth, quiet and no yelling! We were both pleasantly surprised a car can make 1000whp+ and remain so docile.

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Singh, man this is epic. It is one crazy ass build! Built and spec'd by the best people in the game. Congrats to the owner, must be one hell of a ride!

+1 on the videos and more pics!

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This build is amaizing, congrats guys

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Some pics that we shot of the car a couple of weeks ago while Sharif was buttoning it all back up. We have updated this post to get all the info that is now available plumbed in. We tried to get as close to the correct info as possible at the time.. apologies if we missed you out.

We would love to get ahold of the car and shoot a short movie of this epic car... any help here would be great.


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Great build Singh! I can't wait for the finished product

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As per request from all and from the owner who goes by the name as wishmaster in nagtroc, more photos added.


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Congrats for ALI & Hally Auto

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fantastic pics mate

love the attention to detail with the gold wrap - first tuner to do this on the gtr i believe

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Khalifa I know you were a part of this project and deserve to be with them in that list

Hope to see your beast soon
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