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Happy Valentines Day from Weapons Grade Performance! We've decided to do a ONE DAY ONLY SALE on 2-14-19!

The What's In It For Me Sale!

For every $1000 you spend @ WGP Today... we'll issue a $100 gift card in your wife/girlfriend/mistress/sugar baby's name to Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, Tiffany's or Coach!

The Happy Wife, Happy Life Sale!

All married men get free shipping on any orders placed with us today, as long as you post a pic of your wife driving the GT-R.

The Behind Every Great Man is a Woman Rolling Her Eyes Sale!

Any Bolt-On Order placed with us today will be installed same day as you drop off your car at either of our shops so you can lie to your significant other about the car just being in for maintenance. We'll even make up a bogus invoice.

The If You Love It, Put a Ring (or 6) On It Sale!

All built motors (with WGP spec piston rings) sold today will be installed at no charge.

The If You Love It, Put a Wing On It Sale!

All T1 Carbon Drag Trunks are 10% off today!

The She Really Grinds My Gears Sale!

All ShepTrans builds that include a gear replacement sold today will be 5% off.

The Hallmark Card Sale!

Send us a Valentine's Day Card (Or Post it here) and we'll give you a $50 gift card to the shop.

The Netflix and Chill Sale!

All cooling products (radiators, coolers, intercoolers, etc.) are 10% off today, as long as you post your Netflix queue here.

The Love Is In the Air Sale!

Better filter it out. All GotBoost Intakes are 10% off.

The You are my Alpha and my Omega Sale!

Book an AMS Omega Turbo Kit Build with us today and we'll install them for zero labor charges.

The Roses and Red Sale!

...and Burnt Titanium is Blue. Buy some of it from us and we'll discount it for you.

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