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Like a volcano, this GT-R will be erupting it's hot fiery fireballs and exhaust fumes onto the streets and people of Hawaii. Laying down some thick rubber, no doubt will this GT-R be the center of attention. Not only will it be attracting the women of Hawaii in grass skirts, but also the men's... In grass skirts as well. With sweat dripping off of each person's body, they will be begging for a ride in the SPE1000; requesting for a ice cold bath afterward to cool off.

Our client, a Hawaiian resident, just recently had his 2009 Storm White GT-R completed here at SP Engineering with a full SPE1000 Package. He previously had the SPE900 Package done with us awhile back, but like most everyone else, he wanted more power and felt the need to upgrade.

Tear-down begins... NOW!

Motor stripped bare and cleaned; Ready for a fresh start.

SPE Spec forged 95.5mm bore pistons, ready to be paired up with a set of SPE Spec H beam connecting rods with Carr fasteners.

Gathering bits and pieces to lock and load onto the head.

SPE Spec camshafts ready to go in (256/264 with a 10.25/10.50mm lift).

Our techs hard at work finishing up the motor build.

Final step of the build process, an SPE tune on C16 pump gas @ 28psi

- SPE1000 Specs -

SPE Long Block:

- SPE Spec Full Blue Print and Balanced Race Short Block
- SPE Spec H Beam Connecting Rods with Carr Fasteners
- SPE Spec Forged Pistons 95.5mm Bore
- SPE Spec Nissan Main and Rod Bearings
- SPE Spec Metal Head Gasket
- SPE Spec Camshafts 256/264 Degree with 10.25/10.50mm Lift
- SPE Spec Spark Plugs Heat Range 9

SPE Twin Turbo Kit:

- SPE TD06SH 20G Turbo x2 (SPE HYBRID) 950+ HP
- SPE Spec Stainless Tubular Manifold
- SPE Spec External Wastegate
- SPE Spec 29R XL Intercooler (294x710x115mm core)
- SPE Spec Aluminum Intercooler Pipe
- SPE Spec Blow Off Valve + Charge Pipe
- SPE Spec Cold Air Suction Pipe Kit

SPE Fuel System:

- SPE Spec 1000CC Injectors
- SPE Spec Dual 340LPH In Tank Fuel Pumps
- SPE Spec Fuel Pressure Regulator and Fuel Gauge
- SPE Custom Tune
- Pump Gas Map
- Race Gas Map

SPE Stage 1 Transmission:

- Dodson Superstock Clutch Kit
- Dodson Circlips 1&2
- Dodson Oil Pump Upgrade
- Dodson FWD Gear Lock
- Dodson Transmission Filter
- Dodson O-ring Kit
- PPG 1st Gear Upgrade
- Greddy DCT Transmission Cooler

Additional Upgrades:

- Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood
- ADV.1 ADV-05 (21x10 F & 21x13 R)
- TiTek Carbon Fiber Side Skirts
- TiTek Carbon Fiber Rear Wing
- TiTek Carbon Fiber Cooling Panel
- TiTek Street Exhaust
- TiTek Titanium Race Mid-Pipe

Final result:

Please visit for more images and updates at SPE!


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I'd like to give a BIG THANKS to Mr. Alex Shen for answering all my questions and AGAIN for picking up and delivering my car personally to the port for shippment. Also Eugene for also helping me answer my questions and keeping me updated throughout the build. Last but not least the SPE team in the shop who don't get there name reconised but sure put in alot of hard work!..Ohh and Julian for the sick photos!!
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