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Hello from garden Capital of the UAE, the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi.

I just bought a nice 2009 GTR after fruitless efforts trying to get a new one from the dealer. Saved more than %45 in the process for what may be %92-95 of the newer car.

I enclose some photos:

Initial impressions: Big, big grin
at the power, purpose and poise (coming from a 2011 EVOX DSG, lightweight chuckable fun, but nowhere near as power/purposeful). Noticed how quiet, refined it is. May need to fix that (the quiet bit) real soon.

Oh, and the radio can only pick up stations with odd numbers (not even ones) - this also was the case with a US Spec NSX that I had imported from America. Turns out most of the initial batch GTR imports to the GCC region in 2009 were US Spec. especially imported.

Stupid engine malfunction light (above) has come on and doesn't seem to want to go out (i tried a re-set by unplugging the battery and that worked for a couple of days, but is back now
). Will get the car serviced and hopefully they will deal with this once and for all.

More to follow...

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Some strange problems you've got there, hopefully sorted out soon.

You don't have any engine modifications or ECU tune yet? Have the dealership check the fault code on the check engine light or read the code yourself using the OBDII port.

Plenty to do for modding a 2009's exhaust from Downpipes to midpipe or full cat back exhaust. Titanium is the lightest and doesn't have to cost that much more. Midpipe is best bang for the cost plus weight savings over stock part. Cobb Accessport tune is good addition.
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