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Twin intercooled turbos, AWD & killer looks... what's not to LOVE? I'm currently driving an unmodded '98 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 in Glacier Pearl White Metallic with 8,458 original one owner miles. Previously, I owned a Dodge Stealth R/T twin turbo in Firestorm Red. I have a 2nd car, actually, it's the wife's... a Pearl White 2012 Nissan Altima 3.5SR coupe that gets all the miles from running errands & fetching groceries. As the GTO was sold in Japan for about 3 years after the VR-4 ceased importation in '99, OEM parts are drying up. Sure, there are plenty of aftermarket speed parts to keep her running, but I tend to get a bit nervous when I anticipate acquiring factory parts through 2nd tier sources & salvage yards in the future.

The Voice of Reason tells me to replace the VR-4 with an Infinity G-37X (AWD) coupe for a DD as I live in the Midwest & snow is a reality that I have to deal with from time to time. Having a car with limited ground clearance & Summer performance tires is not the ideal choice for such Winter activities. I had been garaging the VR-4 to keep it pristine & driving it only for grins; no parking lot dings or worse from shopping trips in inclement weather. My wife's 2006 Honda Civic EX took the brunt of those outtings & was traded for the Altima; a wonderful car BTW. So, if it snows or hails or whatever, I can keep myself busy with other activities like playing guitar or messing with my Bengal cat until I can get my hands on the Altima.

So, I'm spoiled by AWD/AWS & twin turbos. My inner child WANTS a 2012 Super Silver Nissan GT-R Premium Edition with the Winter package. I doubt that I would drive it in the snow either, but sometimes you get caught in a bad situation while you're out & about. I'm trying to find a buyer for the VR-4 while I weigh my options. Ground clearance issues are a major concern. I have no problem negotiating my driveway with the VR-4 w/o scraping, but it looks VERY close with the GT-R. I can get 13° approach angle with the Mitsubishi w/o scraping. From what I can figure with measurements provided by a Nissan dealership that HAD a Ltd Ed. Black, 9° or less is all the GT-R can handle... oOoPs!!! I tried the corporate headquarters for Nissan & they tell me that the GT-R comes in at 11°. Of course, that figure came after I told them I had a 10° private driveway that breaks at an upward angle from City ROW. This could be a deal breaker. ...decisions ...decisions!

Here's a photo of my current ride...
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