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I am installing my Cobb AP 006 for the first time on my 2010 and trying to decide between Cobb's standard OTS map (v3.0) and their Beta stage 2 (v3.6) maps. Anyone try both? Is there a noticeable improvement in the Beta maps? If so, which boost map (13 psi - 17.5 psi) is best for a stock car with an aftermarket Y-pipe?

Also, is a battery charger necessary as recommended on Cobb's website while flashing the ECU and TCM to avoid battery failure? Can I get by with a basic float charger? How long does the entire process generally take to flash the ECU and TCM?

I understand the moment I flash my ECU my warranty could be voided by Nissan. However, does it make a difference whether I am using a basic Cobb tune, Beta high boost map or a custom tune in Nissan's determination to allow a warranty claim or not?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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