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Hey guys...

I done some research but haven't really found this hopefully I won't get hung for asking this question...
I know this would be different for everyone depending on the miles that the car currently have but I just wanted to get an rough idea of about how much would it cost a year to properly maintance a GTR.

The car probably will never see the track... Most of my driving is city driving. the car will be a daily driver that will probably get at most between 7-8k miles a year... for mods I probably won't do much besides an exhaust and probably some springs and nice wheels and thats it... (maybe one day down the road do the P600 kit).

Since Im in a wheelchair I'll probably be very limited on how much DIY maintenance I would be able to do my self... so that why I wanted to get a rough idea on what I should expect on spend on a yearly basis for maintenance. I want to make sure that if I pull the trigger and get the GTR that Im not getting over my head with the maintenance cost which seems to be the thing that everyone brings up when I tell them about my idea of getting the GTR.

any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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$200 for an oil change (high estimate). You'll need one the first year. That' it.

First year over.

The following year, you'll need another oil change, and probably one set of tires. $2200 total cost for second year.

Third year, you'll need to do transmission change, both diffs, and oil again, $2500 for the third year.

I'm padding the estimates, and giving you a relatively high estimate, so you won't get sticker shock you're not prepared for. Also, this is the MINIMUM service that will likely be needed. Most of us would change transmission oil, and diffs much sooner do to break in. Also, brakes and brake fluid with flush can certainly add up quickly, but what you're describing won't REQUIRE this to be changed much.

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