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As one of the largest HKS Pro Dealers in the country, we have access to some of the best pricing available on HKS products. We would like to pass some of these great deals on to you over the next couple weeks. We will be hosting a Fall Super Sale on HKS parts here at Kaizen Tuing. We will be offering the best possible pricing on all HKS parts over the next 2 weeks. Please PM me with any inquiries or questions!

HKS Legamax Catback (Flux) Exhaust System - The entry level exhaust system from HKS, the Legamax flux weld Catback is one of the most popular catbacks available for the GTR. Flux welding is a type of welding which reduces cost, to get this exhaust system to you for less money! With 85mm piping Diameter and 119mm exhaust tips, the Legamax catback is an excellent choice for your GTR whether your just looking for bolt ons, or your looking to upgrade your turbos later on.

MSRP - $2,000
Kaizen Price - PM me for best Price!

HKS Legamax Catback (Tig) Exhaust System - The HKS Legamax Tig welded system is almost identical to the Flux welded system, except this catback is built using the more expensive method of Tig welding. Tig welding adds that nice "bead" welded look compared to the Flux welded system, although performance and piping diameter is identical at 85mm piping diameter. This system is for those who wish to have the performance of the Legamax, and the beautiful bead welds produced from Tig welding.

MSRP $2,900
Kaizen Price - PM me for best Price!

HKS Legamax Spec R - A full titanium, hand welded version of the popular Legamax exhaust, this system has all the benefits of the stainless system, but the added sound quality and reduced weight of a full titanium system. It is truly an automotive piece of art. This system is one of the best that money can buy. If you are looking to add to the status of your car, with a world class system, this is the exhaust for you.

MSRP $4,500
Kaizen Price - PM me for best Price!

HKS Non-Resonated Midpipe - The HKS Non-Resonated midpipe comes in stainless steel without any resonators to add that racing, unfiltered exhaust sound.
HKS Resonated Midpipe - The HKS Resonated midpipe offers less noise and drone, and a less aggressive exhaust note compared to Non-Resonated

MSRP $780 (Non-Resonated)
MSRP $980 (Resonated)
Kaizen Price - PM me for best Price!

HKS Catless Downpipes - To complete the lineup of HKS exhaust parts, HKS offers their high quality stainless steel, catless downpipes for the R35 GTR. These are the same downpipes used in the GT570 and GT600 kit.

Please send me a PM with any inquiries. Combination packages are also available for anyone wanting more than one of these items at the same time!

You can also email me at [email protected]
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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