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Just wanted to share a customers car that we just finished. We were very happy with how this build came together. The Matte film wrap was impressive to all of us including the customer, you can really still see the lines and pearls pop through the film to create a great contrast. Even with the stock tranny the GT800 performed very well. We kept the torque turned down in order to preserve the factory clutches. The New Volk G12 wheels look just awesome on the GT-R, especially with the matte film.

Here are some photos of the car all finished as well as the dyno graph.....enjoy!

Mod List
*HKS GT800 Kit (on its way from Japan)
*TSM Built Motor
-Carrillo Rods
-CP Pistons
-H11 Head Studs
-Balance Assembly
-TSM Race Tested Tolerances
*Speed Density Conversion
*TSM ECU Calibration for 93oct & Race Gas
*Matte wrap removed - replaced with Matte film
*ADV1 Wheel Package (Street)
*Volk G12 Wheel Package (Track)

*KW Sleeve Kit
*S2 CarbonWorks Coolant/Catch Can
*Custom Painted Engine Bay
*Toyo R888 Tires



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You have built my dream car.

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You guys sell that coolant reservoir? It looks great.

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amazing work guys, absolutely love it!!

and finally some more pics of these wheels on a white GT-R! can you please give more details on the G12's? Are those the Mine's Limited Edition and what are the specs?
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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