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Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know HKS USA & SP Engineering will be installing the first GT570 kit in America on 9/29, aside from a few possible grey market kits.

HKS sent us some pictures that we'd like to share with you guys. Please note the piping is unfinished.

We will be doing an after dyno with 91 Pump & MS109. Hopefully we can get close to the 600 mark. Stay tuned for more details!!

Videos definitely to follow!!!

Ed @ SP Engineering

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Hey Guys,

We have finally tested the GT570 kit this morning. We've did an overlay of 3 pulls, stock, GT570 @ 1.1 BAR, and GT570 @ 1.2 BAR. Other mods include the HKS Air Filters & HKS Exhaust.

Stock - 426HP/446TQ
GT570 @ 1.1 - 566HP/575TQ
GT570 @ 1.2 - 572HP/606TQ

Dyno video can be seen here...

All pulls were done on 91 CA Pump Gas, and we reprogrammed the EVC with the HKS Easy Writer software.

Eugene @ SPE
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