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holes from license plate on grille

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The GT-R I'm looking at is from a state that requires a front plate and it was drilled into the front grille area. My question is is that part removable without taking the front bumper off?
I just can't stand the look of the car with 2 holes in the front it's just a pet peeve, but I'm guessing the only way to fix it would be to remove the front bumper and replace the entire grille area or take it to a shop and have them fill it in and paint it. What would you guys do?

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I feel ya, I'm in the same shoe, a bit late to tell the dealer not to do it. I hate it too, like most would.
I just left it. I did unscrewed it and thought I will put stickers on it but it didn't look good so I put the bracket back on.
Oh, forgot to mention we do need front plate here but I thought I would buy a "hide away" bracket when I bought the car. Could be tucked under the front bumper when at shows or rallies and stuff.
Stillen tow hook plate bracket. No drilling required.
Stillen tow hook plate bracket. No drilling required.
thats what I have... works great
Stillen tow hook plate bracket. No drilling required.
I have that too, its a great alternative to drilling holes.
Didn't like the offset from the Stillen so I went with skene:
Decided to go plateless again and no holes!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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