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Hopefuly a future GTR owner in MD/DE area. pricing questions

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Hello all. I have been looking around the forums trying to do some research regarding maintenance and what not but the main question I had is what do you guys think caused GTR prices to go up every year for a new one? Anyone who bought a new 09 GTR could potentially sell their used GTR for close to what they paid for it 3 years or so ago.
Here's my background, which I posted about in a response to another thread. I'm 29, just got married and my wife and I plan on having kids in 3 or 4 years. I think this is the perfect time to spoil myself with my dream car! We are building a house in Dover, DE (cheap!) and selling our condo just outside Washington DC in 4 months (Jan.) for her job that is moving to the air force base. Depending on how much we sell the condo for, I should have a decent amount of cash to put down or pay complete cash for a slightly used GTR (doubt I could afford new but who knows) My goal is to sell the condo and have a GTR before my 30th birthday, May 6th. In the meantime I plan to pay a lot of attention to the GTR market and learn as much as possible before jumping into a decision like this. I currently work for Jaguar/Land Rover so I know about high end cars, yet we currently own a Yaris and I lease a Corolla. I have also never owned a car that I paid over $30k for and my fastest car was a BPU 3000GT VR4. Crazy jump to a GTR I know. Thing is I have worked my butt off in the car business for 10 years and I'm very good with saving $. No debt except for the mortgage and her student loans and they are both tax write offs anyway. Our mortgage is DE will be very cheap (maybe $1000 or so) Lets just hope I can find a decent job, maybe in another field quickly enough and the condo sells quickly so I can make my dreams a reality.

Back to the pricing of GTR's. I know it's impossible to see the future but I'm hoping to own the GTR for a year or 2 and then get back to the real world and start saving for my future children, cause I'm not rich by any means. If I budget a $500-600 car payment per month, but I pay complete cash for the GTR and sell it in 2 years I need to sell it no less then 12-14k then what I paid. Make sense?

So basically I found these prices.
09 GTR - 70k new then bumped to mid to high 70's Used - 55k+
10 GTR - 82k-84k Used - $65k+
11 GTR - 84k Used - $69k+
12 GTR - 90-95k Used - $85k +
13 GTR - ???

I'll just hope that the GTR's hold their value in the next 6-9 months before I buy. I read the link someone posted having a lot of great details about the differences between each year and maintenance but in that same link it said maintenance was free and I'm pretty sure that's not the case unless you buy a maintenance package. Anybody else in the MD/DE area with a GTR or looking to get one?
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Good luck on your future purchase. Maintence isn't free. Wish it was! Only the 12 month POS is free for the first 36 months.

Depending on how good a deal you make, the high end of 14k difference when you sell it might be possible, especially if the yen keeps low and Nissan has to raise the price again of the GTR next year. I'm guessing a 2009 GTR would be worth in the mid to low 40's in 2 years, depending on condition and mileage. Could even be high 40's, though I wouldn't count on it. You can do the math from your estimated purchase price.
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