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How many miles out of pads?

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In normal street driving conditions, how many miles are you all getting out of your brake pads? (no track days)
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Great question, I'd like to know this as well...
I got just over 10000 and mine still look new.
i would guess 30-40K maybe
I haven't bothered to look at mine but I have 11k miles and was curious...thanks for the replies.
Your putting some miles on this one Peter.
47k on my OEM pads. Separate set of pads for the track.
47k on my OEM pads. Separate set of pads for the track.
Are you switching rotors as well?

I got 28K out of the OEM pads and rotors with 5 track days. Replaced with CL RC6E pads and AP slotted rotors, the front rotors lasted only 8K miles, while the pads still have a lot of life left...
Front rotors are AP J-Hooks for the past 20k or so, original rotors in the rear. Front rotors didn't really need replacing, but they were starting to form cracks after the first track day.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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