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Hey Everyone,

So, Sunday I sat down with a few friends and we put together a video on how to remove and replace the factory MFD and LCD screen units. This was done in my 2009, but I am sure it is pretty equal across the CBA and DBA platforms plus or minus a few screws. BIG shout out to our videographer and editor, Dylan (Cars N'Clout, Youtube) for putting this together. Hopefully this helps many of you who went through the ever-frustrating process of removing trim, what screws to remove, etc.

Here is the Youtube video link:

Also, after replacing my MFD, the airbag light came on. This is actually extremely easy to reset in the GTR. Here is a link on how to reset that as well:

Just noticed Dylan posted this as well, sorry for the dupe post:

Thanks guys!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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