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Link to HPD Thread http://www.houstonpe...uary-25th-2012.

Houston Performance Driving will be hosting it's monthly meet for the month of February @ Serious HP on Saturday the 25th. This will be another high performance gathering with the dyno and model photo shoots also available during the event. Serious HP has a not notch facility and will have cars on display for your pleasure. Please take some time to look around the shop and see what has some Serious HP!

HPD is striving for high quality, high performance cars, trucks, and bikes. Please help keep the quality high and rice free. This is a open event to anyone who enjoys "Performance Driving"....join us.

I. HPD Meet Outline:

- Serious HP: is located inside a gated facility to increase security and privacy. Please come inside the gate and find a place to park the ride. We encourage everyone to back their car in the open spots to keep everything organized. There is plenty of parking spaces with good lighting. Serious HP will be the only business open during the meet. Feel free to back in where you can find a spot. Please help keep it organized.

- Dyno: They Dyno will be ready for anyone to who wants to strap their ride down on the machine. The dyno will be operational at the start of the meet, so form a line at the garage door. Please back into the dyno, then pull out forward once you are done. You will get 2 pulls for ($35.00) plus a A/F sheet with your results.

- Photo Shoots w/ Model: Yes, we will have 1 or 2 HPD model has always involved in our photo shoots. Simply ask the photographer about availability and what kind of shots you are wanting. The charge will be $50 for the photo shoot without a model. Shoots with model will be another $25 making it a total of $75.00 for a full shoot. Cars, bikes, and trucks are welcome.

- Have Fun: Please come in and walk around. Relax and talk with friends. Check out some seXXXy models with some of Houston's fastest rides.

II. Meet Information:

Who: Houston Performance Driving and Friends.
Where: Serious HP.
When: Saturday February 25th, 2012.
Time: Starting @ 10PM & ending @ 2AM.
Address: 5858 Cunningham Road. Houston, TX 77041
Facility Link:

III. Rules and Safety:

- Be respectful of all persons and rides.

- Keep it safe entering and exiting the facility. When you're fast, there is no reason to show-off. It's the folks trying to prove something that always push it. This is a great location on a private gated lot. Don't the that guy who fooks it up for everyone.

- Get home SAFE!

....that's how easy it is.

IV. Coordinator Contact Info:

Troy Dixon

[email protected].

driving big boats
540 Posts
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Not sure about the roll call. My guess: not many. I'm not in charge of the event, I was just trying to spread the word to the GTR community.
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