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  • 1.Forging: Each customer order goes with and stays with the forgings. All information, width, offset is on this sheet can be referenced here.
  • 2.Forging: Starting weight is about 125 lbs per forging, and it will be milled down to about 22lbs for the P101 in 21in.
  • 3.Lathe: Defining the profile of the wheel face, from here they are taking the raw forging and trimming it down to profile. The lathing of the bowl (the lug area) here on Series P1, is a big differentiator in weight and structural strength over the P40SC series
  • 4.Mill: The Series P1 involves a milling process called kellering which allows curved and sculpted milling to take place vs straight ball cutting which is utilized on the Series P40SC. This process adds a considerable time to the milling

  • 5.Mill: Note the finishing tool that is used as different spokes are being milled and the finish on each as they are processed.
  • 6.Mill:3 different stages of finishing can be seen on the top of the wheel, starting at 12 and moving clockwise.
  • 7.Brush: This is the start of the brushing process of the wheel. (Brushed tinted clear was chosen for the finish) Note the wheel dimensions that are referenced on the barrel as well as the order number. MO stands for Medium Offset.
  • 8.Brush: Note the finalized wheel finishing details. The black powered is metal dust and a lubricant used in finishing that gathers to eventually be cleaned.

  • 9.Brush: Finishing happens on a foot controlled turning wheel, this barrel finishing will be slowly finished outward at a consistent speed to ensure quality and uniformity.
  • 10.Brush: Finishing continues in the lug area on the wheel, each brushed finish takes close to 3 hours per wheel. A polished variant could take upward of 20hrs per wheel.
  • 11.Brush: Brushing is complete. A Quality check is done at each step in the forging process to ensure quality and all details are taken into consideration.
  • 12.Clean: A series of cleaning detergents and steps is utilized to clean up any build up off the wheels.

  • 13.Clean: A soak is utilized to ensure all areas that might have been missed via the spray are considered and cleaned.
  • 14.Powder: Powder Coat. Plastic powder receives an electrical charge to adhere to the wheels before baking in an oven.
  • 15.Powder: The wheel bakes in a sealed oven with specific filters to keep the finish integrity clean and dust free.
  • 16.Detail: Post baking the white powder turns the requested tinted clear to reveal the finish. A client will have the ability to customize the wheel further with specialized center caps or as see here, the HRE engraving in Gloss Red.
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