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For the guys on here that went to Import Faceoff yesterday at the New England Dragway, you guys killed it from the runs I seen. I didn't get to stay for the end, how was the final turn out for the guys that went?

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my best of day was [email protected] with full exhaust, intake and tune. mind you this was on some heavy ass 21's and shit tires. 1.72 60 foot. I know i could play with 10.5/10.4 with drag radials.
My buddy dave was still running consistent 10.4's on FBO 2015. Farooqs GTR ran 9.2 and got booted, hes got more in the tank just needs to dial everything in. it was only her second time out on the new setup.

I went over and took a peak at your car everyone was talking about the reddish GTR but not factory red. I assumed it was wrapped. so i went to see for myself, car looks pretty good man. heard you were close to breaking into the 10's
the GTRs were loving the air sunday!


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