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How's it going everyone! Over the past few years I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to own these cars and enjoy them as they were meant to be. (besides the 911)
So i thought i'd post my review of them vs the Beast from the East.

Here is my first car. It never ended up getting plated it was only driven around back streets practicing and stored in my garage while owned. It was awesome but it had some trans issues from when i bought it, i got burned on CL so i dumped it and moved on.

1997 Mustang GT (Straight pipe exhaust, Shift kit, intake)

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I was working at a small restaurant for a while because it was a block from my house and i was still going to school. I had a lot of other expenses at that time as well. Saved up a bit during those years and also made some side money at the same time on the stock market and playing video games competitively lol. I then moved on from the current job and started catering for a high end restaurant and only then i went looking for my dream car. I wanted the Evo since i was a kid watching TopGear and YouTube videos of them. I was set on the evo X but at that time I was unable to locate one at any dealership locally. So I ended up getting a new Lancer GTS because i needed transportation within that month.

I did not like the car at all after the first few days, it was all show no go...

2012 Lancer GTS (PLASTIDIP +100hp)
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So 2 months went by and i got rid of the Lancer GTS for a 2013 Evo X MR that was traded in! It was my first dream car and a month after i then got my dream job.
I was in awe for the first three months that i actually owned the car. I drove it so much. I loved every single minute of the turbo spool, AWD, handling, SST etc. It had full bolt ons done by myself and with the help of knowledgeable enthusiasts on the Evo forums. It didn't have as much torque or horsepower as the N/A mustang but it was a traction monster and the boost was addicting
. I had no intentions of EVER letting it go. I was going to drive it until it fell apart.

2013 Evolution X MR Touring Edition (Bolt ons 324awhp-312tq) Build thread

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Well it did when a Drunk in a rusted pick up truck Hit and Ran me totaling it (Sad thread w/pictures
RIP 5/5/2015. While dealing with the hell that coward has caused me (Got away. Police did nothing etc.) I finally decided over a few months to go pick up a CBA GTR 12 hours away in Quebec, CA as well as a winter car. This car stock vs a bolt ons evo made the evo feel like a toy.

2009 Nissan GT-R Premium in Titanium

I'm In LOVE with this platform, maybe things happen for a reason. It's one of the most beautiful cars out there in my eyes. It will be a car i'll keep for a very long time.
Even though this one is currently up for sale after only three months but it's only because i love them so much i didn't want to ruin how clean the one i found is in hopes of sharing it with another fellow enthusiast so i can do a build on a higher mileage GT-R or one already modded.

This car gives a very different experience over the others so far I've never been asked so many questions or had so many people crack their necks looking at it. No amount of negativity/hate could ruin an experience like this. We are all very fortunate to say the least. Technology has come a very long way over the past decades. It's really just amazing the amount of engineering that Nissan's team put into the car and it still beats brand new ones coming out after 7 years. Absolutely top notch the power from factory is superb. Besides all that Nissan did for us these forums and others are full of great guys and girls with the same passions and goals in mind! I've learned so much in the short few months being here and on GTRH.

I'd really like to take this chance to thank you all for the knowledge, help, and motivation!!! Hat's off to you all for achieving the LIFE!

*Bonus I test drove a used 911 today and wasn't a big fan. They're engineered well and look great but it doesn't feel like what i'm looking for and i'm also not willing to pay luxury price tags on everything. I love the look of the 911 turbos,GT3 and GT2 still but i don't see myself getting one over a GTR anytime soon.

The dealership was also very professional compared to others in my area. I was lucky enough to see the delivery of a Brand New GT3 as i was leaving too!

$175k obo

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I look forward to the coming years of owning a GT-R and all the crazy times that come with it! It's a humbling and surreal experience to say the least.

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Awesome post man. Enjoyed the read. GTR is my favorite car as well.
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