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Introducing SMS Design & Performance

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Tired of watching your dream car collecting dust and rust in a corner of your garage? Have you halted your car restoration project due to a insufficient time on your hands? Trying to add a bit of performance and some serious muscle to your ride? Looking to build the ultimate show stopper? Trying to build something unique to stand out in traffic? Well, if you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, then we are the answer to your prayers.

Introducing S.M.S Design & Performance...

SALAH Mohammed Salahuddin(S.M.S)Design & Performance is a one-stop shop for all your motoring needs. Located in Sitra, Bahrain, S.M.S has the capability to turn your ride from mild to wild. From Performance packages, Engine rebuilds, Custom paint jobs, Design & fabrication of custom wide body kits, Custom fabricated parts, to complete car restorations, we can handle any and all of your automotive needs. When it comes to building cars, we know our stuff. Whether your goal is to build up your ride for circuit racing, drag, drift, off-roading, appearance or just plain fun, rest assured that your project is in safe hands. Our knowledge comes not only from training, but from years of automotive passion and experience. Your vehicle is an extension of your personality and it shows who you are and what you're about. So if you can dream it, we can build it. So dream big.

SMS Facilities:

Housed within a 44,000 sq.ft premises, our facility boasts a full-fledged installation bay for installation works, engine and transmission overhauls and suspension installs and tuning. Our next department is our Paint & Body Section that is specialized in the manufacture and design of Fiberglass components and body parts, which can then be finished off in any custom color of your choice. Furthermore, we mix and match all our paint in-house, thus allowing us to either enhance or perfect our color choice. If your looking to kick it up a notch, our Airbrush department can design and apply any sort of custom designs your mind can comprehend. Moving on to the next section, bring us to our Chassis and Fabrication Section, which handle jobs ranging from simple weld-on chassis stiffening bars to a fully certified FIA or SFI spec roll cage. Applications are available for street, drag, drift or for circuit vehicles. Our last section houses our AWD Mainline Dyno, which happens to the only one-of-its-kind in the Kingdom. We are certified dealers and Tuners for Autronic, COBB Tuning, SCT and Diablosport. We also tune other product brands systems such as Motec, Haltech, AEM, Power Commander, Bazzaz etc.

What can S.M.S do for you?

At S.M.S, we have the skills, experience and the tools required, to pinpoint and rectify any problems that may be plaguing your ride, so that little squeak doesn't turn into a major problem down the road. Infused with a passion and love for automobiles, we can carry out any level of modification or customization to your vehicle, regardless of its make or age, given that the client is specific about the job. We can source a car for you, built it up to your specifications and deliver your dream package for you, thus saving you the hassles and headaches associated with the search and procurement of a suitable ride. Make no mistake, the bigger and more challenging the job, the happier and eager we are, to get our hands on it.

For the GTR enthusiasts, we are geared to handle anything ranging from its general service and installs, to turbo upgrades and transmission rebuilds. We are a Dodson certified Pro-Dealer and installer for all Dodson upgrades and parts. In addition to this, we are also a certified COBB Dealer & Tuner and provide COBB tuning solutions for the GTR as well.

Looking to procure some parts for your vehicle? Let us help you out. Whether it's a turbo kit you are trying to purchase, maybe some custom one-off wheels, or be it just some simple accessories and customization parts, S.M.S has got you covered. At S.M.S, we strive to deliver the latest and greatest in the automotive industry.

In the pursuit of ultimate speed and performance, S.M.S can deliver a commanding performance from your car. From mild bolt-on to complete engine builds and dyno tuning, we can achieve optimum performance, reliability and attain the highest horsepower and torque from your vehicle. Home to a MainLine 4WD Dyno, rest assured that your engine and vehicle will be running at its best at the end of the day. We provide baseline tunes as well as complete installation and tuning of stand alone Engine Management Systems for any vehicle, to suit your budget.

Looking to turn your car into a show stopper? Trying to stand out at the traffic lights? S.M.S can make a unique custom paint job just for you. The diversity and plethora of colors and design combinations available will make your mind boggle! And that's just the paint job!! While you are at it, why not go wild and throw in a custom one-off body kit made to deliver by S.M.S? How about a set of some custom wheels perhaps? We can throw in a bit of carbon fiber as well, anything that you can come up with. When it comes to exterior visual aesthetics, your imagination is your limit.

Have you got a passion for automobile racing? If yes, then you would be in need of a commanding vehicle to help you excel in your chosen arena. Allow us to assist you in this undertaking. From mild engine tunes to complete teardowns and engine rebuilds, S.M.S can cater to any form of automotive racing. Possessing years of experience in the drag racing arena, drift, rally as well as the autocross track, we can help you build up your ride for track or race use. We specialize in chassis setups, suspension works, engine works, power adders (turbo charging, superchargers etc), nitrous setup and plumbing, engine management installation and dyno tuning.

So fellow motorheads,if you have got any enquires or would like to sit down and discuss any project you're interested in,please give us a call at (973)17-125171.
Our hours of operation are from 8am-4:30pm, Sat-Wed, Thursdays are from 8am-1pm.Alternatively you can contact us via a PM. Please give us your feedback and comments and let us know what you think.

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Welcome to the forum guys

Mashalla you have a great facility

Can't wait for some build threads from you guys
Hey guys

Welcome to the forum!! I've been a customer with SMS D&P since launch day and let me tell you that SMS is the number 1 place for GTR's in Bahrain and any other car to be honest. Its one of the biggest facilities in the Gulf that can handle all your car needs, all in 1 place! Good to have you guys here!
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Thanks for the warm welcome. Its good to be involved in this community of GTR enthusiasts.

If you guys would like to see more of our work, please check out our Facebook page.
Welcome to the forrum, nice workshop you guys got there mashallah

Hope to see your work here in the future inshallah!
got to pay you guys a visit just as soon as my car arrives to the gulf
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