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Is my gtr totaled?

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long story short, I let my friend drive my gtr, he was trying to beat cars making a left out of a parking lot, wheels spun couldn’t get control of it and hit a pole. Now I’m worried my car might be totaled.
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just worried that it might be totalled, hopefully not.
Won’t be able to tell from body pics. Take it to a reputable repair shop for a full inspection and estimate - it’s what you can’t see that will determine if it’s totaled or not.
friend was shooken up and forgot to take close up pictures, seems that the radiator was pushed in, front bumper and hood is obviously done for and theres some leak on the bottom, guessing coolant.
Are you still friends?
lmao yeah, he just lost some privileges
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Get an estimate and have your friend cut you a check for the repairs.
Yeah, just waiting for the insurance adjuster to come inspect the damages, hopefully not severe frame damage.
Initial thoughts are it very well could be but hard to tell, since it's a CBA and these cars aren't exactly cheap to fix...

Is the driver’s door crumpled or is that just shadow?
Just shadow. Looks about just the front end.
Doesn’t look totaled. Front support bolts on so that’s easy. Would love to buy it from you if u don’t want to fix it.
Just waiting for the adjuster to come and estimate the damages. Idk if I push for total loss or just repair it.
If it’s anywhere near close to being totaled, I would push very hard to get cashed out considering diminished value related to having a vehicle with a “history.”
That might be the choice. My friend owns a collision center so idk if I’m able to have them estimate just enough so it wouldn’t be deemed total as opposed to the insurance adjuster claiming it’s totaled.
The same friend that crashed the car? Sucky situation really. I would hope the car is totaled as I personally wouldn't want the car back regardless.
Different friend aha, if he is able to help me out I’d be able to choose my own parts so it wouldn’t be too bad.
Pretty sure any impact hard enough to break the pole would cause a good amount of damage. Did the airbags go off? As soon as they add up all the front pieces with both intercoolers, radiator, core support, both fenders, hood, bumper cover, headlights and more plus all assciated labor and paint work, it's a total loss. Buy it back cheap and fix it and pocket leftover insurance money.
Airbags didn’t go off surprisingly, both fenders were fine from what I remember, still drivable.
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First of all it’s a unibody not a frame like a truck, I have more experience than anyone here I assure you. I had a very mild accident in 2021 most body shops gave me a quote of 6k to 7k to fix. The damage was located strictly on my passenger quarter. I took my car to a certified GTR body shop in Virginia this drastically raised the repair cost. It took me fighting with State Farm for over 7 months to repair the car. It really depends on where you take the car for repairs, if you take it to a certified Nissan GTR body shop I’d say it’s close to being totaled. I wanted the very best to do the repairs so if I sell the car in the future the buyer can be assured the car is just like it left the factory. It was considered a light impact but the repair cost would shock most of you. If you have any questions just ask…
They quoted me over 66k for damages. Which is absurd, but the adjuster is deeming it totaled. I brought up that I had a friend who owns a collision center if I could get quoted enough to where it wouldn’t be deemed totaled, but apparently there are no negotiations in terms of repairs since they’ve quoted it at 66k.
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