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Island Import Day

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hey guys, huge car show, should be a great turnout tm. heres the info:


Sunday, October 23 · 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Heckscher State Park Parking lot 7

So by popular demand we are having our third meet of the season and last for this year.

We Will be holding this meet at Heckscher State Park

Island Import Day- A Day were all imports unite. Come hang out check out other people's rides. Bring the family there are plenty of benches bbq grills and bathrooms conveniently located. Lets all have a great time at this end of season event you wont regret it!!

Time- 12 o'clock in the afternoon

So far we are on*
Canibeat forum*
Stance Nation Forum**
MY.IS Forum*********

If you put this up on a Forum let us know and we will add it to the list

Pics by
Ivy League East
Grocery Getter Crew
Lucid Visionz
Ronnie C. Photography

If anyone is going to take pictures let one of the event administrators know and we will add you to the list
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Hmm...I think my car will be ready by then =). Count me in, will you be at Gold Coast Contours. I am hoping that Cicio at topspeed finishes the car by the 24th I really want to make this meet. Hit me up Jimmy D
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