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It's like KITT but better 2012 GTR new lighting kit!

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The kick butt lighting kit and various other toys are installed perefectly! Thanks Car Concepts for the mods!

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ok i like it alot, but id think you would get some pissy cop pulling you over saying you are impersonating or something.
The LEDs are white and only for show in the parking lot. They can be set to stay on so they look pretty cool matching the 2012 stock LEDS.
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faebook message when i click the link
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Crap ! Can't c it on my iPhone since it will not download flash :(
I need much is the kit??
Python, I think you need to be logged on to Facebook to look at it.

U the man

Definitely pretty kewl and matches the black GTR well.
Ehh ricey imo. Id have to see it in person.
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