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Just want to give a big thank you to Vinny Ten of VTR RACING! Vinny had an amazing 48 hour session tunning my car working into the wee hours of last night, he truly is dedicated to his craft and my car is putting down some of the craziest numbers seen on a stock trurbo GTR. We made two switchable maps with my new wastegate actuators and harmon intake, a 93 pump gas map and a beastly 100 octane map bellive it or no the numbers were quite similar on the 93 we made 573 hp with 642 lb of torque on the 100 octane we made 585 hp and a whopping 666 lb of torque!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this car is now scary of the line im so happy with the work and even more impressed that vinny and his right hand man steve would put in close to 48 hours on my car thats the kind of people i want working on my car.. me and big anthony another retarted GTR from the VTR RACING stable will be heading to the track a week from tommorow we will have videos posted of that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nice. I am down for the track day. let me know the details
Andy it was great to see you so happy at VTR RACING! IMHO there is no other shop that can compare to VTR! The crew is so on point, and so into what they do! the number's we are making and "future' numbers are ground breaking with "stock turbo's" on our GTR'S!! It's VTR baby!! "AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW NOW YOU KNOW"
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