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Leh Keen WINS 2011 Grand-AM CHAMPIONSHIP w/Brumos!

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Just wanted to throw a little congratulations thread up! Leh Keen and Andrew Davis clenched the 2011 GT Series Championship today at Mid Ohio! The Brumos Porsche started dead last due to a mechanical problem during qualifying, but they CHARGED ahead, against the odds, from the back of the pack to beat out their championship competition for this years overall number ONE spot!!

You can read details @ if your interested!

Leh has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with as a driver, and has been a great friend to TopSpeed through the years!!! We could not be happier for him and the team @ Brumos Racing!



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Congrats Leh. Championship points were so close. Great work behind the wheel.
awesome job leh!
This is awesome! Big congrats!
All the way from the back.. Great Victory! Gold Kill FTW
Thanks Cicio and everyone!!!!

It has been an AMAZING year.. It started slow but then turned around as soon as I won the Onelap of America with TopSpeed!!!! It was all good from then on!!

Really special to help Brumos win another championship!!!
All the way from the back too! Congrats!!!
That's the most impressive part! I'm glad someone I know of got a Grand Am Championship. I was also pulling for Johnson and Roush Jr. in the Conti series, but their 2nd place, while awesome, was not enough for a championship.
Congratulations to Leh and Brumos. Does Brumos have plans for a DP?
Thanks everyone..

Sharif.... Brumos raced DPs every year since 2001 and decided at the end of last year to go "back to their roots" and race GT again... It got alot of praise from their fans and obvi worked out well for them... I don't see Brumos going back to DP any time soon....
AWESOME ! Congrats !!

you are a Machine sir !!
Congrats King, raw talent!

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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