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What do YOU think?

  • Go HAM. It's fine.

  • A day or two at the strip or track should be ok.

  • A launch or two on the street, but that's prepped surfaces.

  • Keep the boost low and you're golden.

  • Launches are the 3-4 shift.

  • You're doomed. Pull the engine now while it's still in one piece.

  • How TF is it still running?

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There are several shops out there with dedicated upgraded turbo packages (Cicio performance for example) with several of those cars being used at the track and Mexico runs. At the end of the day gotta ask yourself what the end goal is and work towards that. I would suggest doing it once so you don’t pay double or triple what it would to do it right the first time.

Know multiple people with the 800 package that are perfectly fine with that and it’s lasted them quite a while with no real issues
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