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Hi All,

Hope you are well.

I am a new owner to a GTR R35 and since day 1 of getting my ride, i come to realise that there is a pretty light/faint whining sound or soft high pitch whistle just below my rear undercarridge, this sound goes alone with the rhythm of my throttle but cant be heard after moving off as perhaps my exhaust noise covers it.

I was told that it is normal for GTR to have that light/faint whining sound and is not a problem.
It is really normal? Does all your GTR 35 have that light/faint whining or soft high pitch whistle sound at the rear undercarridge too?

Note: It isn't very loud but noticeable only if you let it idle in the total silence of the night standing outside of the car.
You can still hear it in the day but only if you are standing nearer to the car.
Definitely audible when in the car at idle but not noticeable once moving off.

I am fine with it as long as it isn't an underlying problem which leads to major issues in the future.
Just hoping it is part of parcel of a GTR and not an issue to worry about.

Kindly advise, thanks.

P/s Sorry for the double postings as my pc got hang while trying to post and it auto refreshes itself hence i just click submit again thinking it did not went through.

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GT-R's make lots of noises. Have you listened to any other cars? If its just light/faint, and you can only hear it outside the car when its silent, you must have the quietest GT-R in the world.

Best bet is get someone that knows the cars to give it a listen/inspection, see if there is anything out of the ordinary.
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