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Light Theme + Other Updates

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NAGTROC can now be browsed in a new light theme. To view it, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click "change theme", then click "NAGTROC 2 Light".

Unlike the lighter option that NAGTROC 1 had, this is a full theme, designed so you can use it as your primary theme if you wish. I think it's especially nice to have in cases where you have a lot to read or for iPad browsing. So if you're looking for something light colored or just something different, check it out. Note that it's designed for newer browsers, IE8/9/Safari/Chrome/Firefox and similar.. 4% of you use an older browser that won't work as well with it.

I also updated the dark theme. Since some felt that new topics weren't visible enough, I made it so unread topics now stand out against previously read topics. That makes the left hand side dots (blue for unread threads, and now red for unread threads you've participated in) as well as the threads themselves stand out a lot more without completely compromising readability. This also applies to search results and the view new content page too, so everything is uniform now. Let me know what you think.

In this round of updates I've also re-enabled the media icon in the post editor toolbar for easy youtube posting. And I made a lot of other small tweaks.

With more updates in the pipeline, including some more fixes and new features, there's still a lot more on the way.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to talk about some summer experiences... a first time visit to a track, an experience that hasn't really ended but left me with a 2012...transmission. And also some insight into Nissan's views... as well as what NAGTROC 2 will really be about.....
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i am liking the light, but now its very hard to see some peoples sigs
i am liking the light, but now its very hard to see some peoples sigs
+1 Since everyone is using a different theme, their sigs are based on different set-ups. Crap.
By default, signatures will change color to fit the theme, but if someone customized their sig and changed the color, that's the color that will be used and it may not show up as well in one theme or the other.
Finally, eyes aren't working as hard as before..
Looks clean and good!
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i been using both themes on and off. love them both! however in both theme's where it says
"Posted 17 September 2011 - 11:16 PM"
its not positioned correctly, it doesnt fit where its suppose to. and on the white theme its not very visible. this is on internet explorer 7. I dont remember if its like this on firefox at home, i THINK it might be. on the black theme its not an issue because its light grey on dark shades of grey background. but on the white theme its white on white almost (some of it is on the dark grey background, thats how i know i can see it slightly. i can take a screen capture if u require it thursday
Glad to hear you guys are liking it.

MO, yes, that's what I was referring to when I was mentioning older browsers in the first post.. If the FF is at all recent it will be ok. IE8 and 9 will be OK too.
way better, using the lighter theme !!
Is there a way to select pages in light mode?
i've been using the light theme for a while now and its much easier on my eyes (i'm getting old!)
What do you mean?
In the mobile version if the subject has multiple pages you can only hit next. You can't pick "6" or "7", you have got to hit next until you get there
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