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a nissan dealer can see when the car was put into service and tell you how much warranty remains. i won't go into the lc issue. you can search and find plenty of threads on that.

maintenance in my opinion is no different from any other car of this type. fluid changes are simple to perform yourself. tranny and diff fluids are pricey ($650 in parts), but based on your description of how it will be driven that schedule is every 18k miles.

biggest difference from 09 to 10 is the color of the wheels. i really prefer the darker wheels on the 10's and 11's. luckily i found a 2010. i would have bought an 09 though if i had found the right deal.

in general i found most of the cars i looked at to be pretty beat up when viewed in person. it really surprised me to see how people treated their cars. it took me 4-5 months to find a clean one. but it was all worth it because it's the most impressive car i've owned to date.

good luck in your search.
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