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So the GT-R is now on my short list. Drove a 2010 & loved it. Seems like it'd be the perfect daily driver &, if I did buy one, it would be my daily driver.

At first I was looking to lease a new one, but it appears that only Black Editions are available & I want a Premium plus I am not going to pay over $1,600 a month on a car lease.

So my other option is buy used if I decide not to go with a CTS-V, C63 AMG, etc. A 911T would be nice, but I saw nothing no 2004+ models around $70k or less in my area.

-I understand that the pre-2012 models have cooling issues, is this correct? If so, to what extent?
-Any reason I should not buy a 2009 and/or 2010?
-What do the maintenance costs for these look like?
-I don't plan to do any big modding (Just wheels, exhaust & tune if anything), but how are these for the average Joe to work on in his garage? I've had many cars & work on them myself. Am I still going to be able to do this w/the GT-R or will I have to hit the dealer for simple things i.e. oil change etc?
-What particular things should one look at/for when shopping for a used GT-R?
-What is the real truth on using launch control?
-Anything I missed?

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1. Not really
2. Not really
3. Not too bad, Oil- 6qts synthetic , change it yourself, 50$ Tranny and diff - dealer can do it for $1100-1200 every 18k miles. Summer stock Tires last about 10k .
4. Tune is simple AP flash, exhaust can be done pretty easy ( mid-pipe and catback - DP's are harder)
5. Paint, condition of tires and brakes, when is tranny service due, have the dealer pull data on tranny/engine oil temps
6. LC1 ( early launch control on early 2009) was hard on the tranny. Since mid 2009 model year, launch control (LC2) was softened very much, and is safe. there are ways to trick LC2, but for the most part it is safe
7. There are some tranny's that fail, but they are for the most part known issues, and for the most part are covered by warranty.
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