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I am looking to buy a GTR and came across this car. I am very interested in it but it was bought from Manheim Auction and I dont know any details on the car. The car is a 2012 Black edition that has been repainted with a metallic black. The car was from the original owner which traded it in on a new Mercedes. From my understanding the original owner trades his cars every three years.

The car has a few mods and wheels that may set it off from the rest. Greddy exhaust, carbon fiber wing, rear diffuser,hood vents, front grille. It has HRE wheels. It has aftermarket BOV's and an e85 fuel unit under the hood. It has an Endless Motorsports badge on the interior.

I know this is a long shot but its a huge purchase so Im curious to know as much as I can about the car as possible.

Here is the VIN if its of any assistance jn1ar5ef1cm251114

Thanks in advance is anyone can lead me to the original owner.

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