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Looking to store a small car for winter, got space?

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Nice project you have going on there Nick...

Post some images when she's all said and done...
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Buy an enclosed trailer and store it in there. At the end of winter sell the trailer. They don't lose much value
Nick help me buy that house around the corner that has 4 garages and I'll happily store your car for you

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Nick, you're welcome to an outdoor spot in the forest where I live near Grand Bend. No charge. (It is a gravel parking lot KILOMETERS away from anyone or thing, 1/2 a KM from the road.) I use portable garages, and then a car cover under that. There is a spot in a portable garage so you wouldn't need to spend anything other then to get it here.

Not ideal I realize, but your are welcome to it if no other options present themselves. PM if you'd like cell # to discuss.

Will do! It's a nice little thing. It's got 5,000 miles, 4sp + overdrive, 1 owner (my father) and it's been passed on to me!

It needs a new head to run unleaded gas and replace the speedo gear in the transmission, then a new paint job and she's good to go.

IMGP5730 by NickStPierre_TO, on Flickr
That's so cool!!!....
Sorry Nick - I live in a condo...if I know anyone I will let you know...
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