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I wanted to give everyone an update in regards to this. After fighting with Nissan to have this part covered since the car has 66k km on car so it is just out a warranty and the fact that I had the same failing part # covered under the 2009 steering wheel lock campaign, they paid for the part and charged me the labor only. I was somewhat still disappointed that they didn't cover the whole thing given the fact that they've acknowledge the fact that this same part revision is failing on 2009. I imagine that its just a matter of time that this will get applied to all 2010 also that have the same issue.

Hats off to everyone at Spinelli Nissan in Montreal. I've never been better treated in ANY car dealer.

I also bought a new battery since I had mine die on me a few times now while and since the car does had quite a lot of electronics and our winters aren't very forgiving in Canada. I had been debating between the Interstate and the Optima Yellowtop. Bought the Interstate with 500cca. Might just be me but the car starts so much better and actually feels better on the road.

On to better and brighter days!
Good to hear it worked well! I also have nothing but praise for Spinelli Nissan, best service ever!.

As for battery, why not go for Braille? Save some weight at the some time, haha.
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