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ahh fuck man
If you manage to get your car in the garage and have time you can removed the steering lock unit be patience because is kinda difficult but if you have all the necessary tool you can remove the unit. follow this giude. http://www.gtrlife.c...ering-lock-fix/ once removed try to get it to work but do not force the pin back in you might damage the gear or motor. That steering lock unit will never function again reliably since warranty is not an option for you the only thing you can do is the fuse trick but to do that you need to get the steering unit to work try my rebuild guide http://www.gtrlife.c...__fromsearch__1 this will get that unit to work for a few months but i suggest you better off doing the fuse once you manage to get the unit to function again.
here is my guide for the fuse trick

1. in order for this method to work your steering lock unit has to be working properly so try to make it work for one last time.
2. don't start the engine keep it on ACC. put the car to ACC if you hear the lock disengage and a no key light on dash your good keep it on acc don't turn off the car it might lock again.
3. now pop the hood and right by the battery compartment there is a big fuse box. remove that box and open it . i know its a tight squeeze but the steering lock fuse is there.
4. once you get the box out enough to open it look for the fuse that say steering lock.
5 while your car is still on ACC mode and the steering lock disengage pull the steering lock fuse this will only work while the car is on ACC and has disengage the steering lock.
6. now test your work turn off the car and try to start it, if its start you did it right, this method prevent the steering lock unit to power up and just stay unlock.
7. after a few on/off startup just put everthing back where it goes and that it.
Hope this guide will help you get your gtr running again, i know the frustration but with patience and have a clear mind you will resolve this just be cool this is just a mechanical problem and it will be pretty easy to fix.
good advice.

keep us posted man good luck
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