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On a side note-Python I like your style lol!!!
Cheer up man and take a step back as others said.
Ive had some really, really bad luck with some of my other cars to the point of-I couldnt sleep, I was pissed off the entire day, gave shit to my wife all the time and felt like an ass. the thing that bummed me was-whatever extra money I made at work working super long hours was going into my car. Then I got really sick, we also lost the baby and also find out my father had cancer and that put an end to that. At the end of the day a car is a car and your health/relationship/family and friends are simply that much more important. You are lucky that we do have some outstanding guys on this forum that Im pretty sure will help you out in anyway they can and you will be enjoying the car for years to come!!
So chin up, have a chuckle, a beer on me and take things like that with a smile!
Good luck man!!
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