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My good friend Trevor asked me to shoot some photos of his 2005 MB C55 AMG while I was home this weekend out at the airport. He has officially listed the car for sale and wanted some shots to promote it. There were a couple planes out on the tarmac so we tried to incorporate them a bit.


Trevor's Mercedes C55 AMG Photoshoot - 3/2/14 - JPMcG Photography


1. Not as good as I'd hoped but still kinda cool...

2. Street's closed pizza boy


4. Signed by the engine builder

5. Hard to even tell it's an AMG from the rear


7. Interior is flawless for 80k miles


If you are interested in this car, just let me know and I can get you in touch with the seller! Thanks for looking as always!

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Wow, its so clean, looks like a brand new car!
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