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hey guys, just another comparison review that might help someone with choosing midpipes. I recently had a weird incident with my 4yr old Cobb midpies that suddenly detached overnight (claims to be from salt/rust build up) more info in this thread:

I was very sad having to replace my cobb midpipe, since the exhaust combo I had on was PERFECT, not loud when crusing, no drone, LOUD at wot.
Exhaust combo: Alpha 90mm catless dp, Cobb 90mm catted mp (now replaced with HKS Res), and HKS legamax

A well known local Tuner/racer advised me to go with the HKS 85mm Resonated midpipes (fyi catless), as he has them on all 4 of his GT-Rs, not obnoxious loud, no drone etc.. so i did.

Just got the car back and will be doing a full video comparison soon (startup, rev, acceleration in/out).

Here's my feedback so far: note *I HATE drone, and ricey loud my review is based on that.

First difference i noticed with the HKS mp, is the start up. That deep loud start you feel underneath the car is no longer there, the sound now mostly comes from the rear.(Cobb wins for startup).

Next is cruising, HKS is way more quiet, but in a good way. The Cobb wasn't obnoxiously loud at all, but it would be difficult to talk on bluetooth calls. (HKS wins cruising)

Third noticeable difference, DOWNSHIFTS. Cobb had that loud deep downshift, unlike the HKS, which sadly is not as loud. (Cobb wins downshift).
To me, the above 3 were mostly noticeable changes.

Acceleration, both are loud at WOT with that nice tone, not the raspy/ricey sounding type. With the HKS, there's that smoother/more power-pull feeling compared to Cobb. (HKS wins WOT)

Revving, when sitting in the car, same remarks as starup, the Cobb had that deeper/louder sound feeling from underneath. Hearing the revs from outside, I only did a video, and doesn't do justice .. but sounds like HKS is "muffled" at low rpm revving, but opens up nicely on higher rpms. I need to do more videos to answer which is better IMHO. (Cobb/HKS Draw)

Comparison Video below..

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