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Trying to get these of my hands. I waited 7 months for these pieces to show up and then another set showed up 2 weeks ago. Mines had shipped me 2 sets each. Now options are to ship back to Mines Japan or sell.

I am in the Houston / Katy Tx. area, local pickup preferred.

Pieces: Air Ducts and Front Grille (2008 - 2011 GTR's)
Finish: Carbon Fiber
Manufacturer: Mines Japan
Condition: New (never installed)
Price: Air Ducts - $800 / Front Grille - $700 (you pay shipping if required)

Got identical sets installed on my 2010 and literally took 15mins to install the air ducts. The front bumper will have to be removed for installating the Grille.
The name "Mines" speaks for itself with no compromise on quality and fitment!

Blue Font Handwriting Paper Transparency
Wood Rectangle Creative arts Linens Plastic
Musical instrument accessory Bumper Wood Rectangle Automotive exterior
Post-it note Human body Rectangle Handwriting Grille
Wood Bumper Automotive design Tool Automotive exterior



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