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Whats up guys,

A good friend dropped off his 2012 GT-R by my shop for some cosmetic upgrades, something semi-temporary to get his ball rolling to see what he wants to do with it for next year.

Have a good game plan with whats going to get done but I'll keep it as a surprise and post the updates here as work progresses, everything SHOULD be done in a 3-4 days.

Here's what we start with


Fender blades (white led parking lgihts, amber turn signals)

Paint scheme....

Will post up more photos as soon as I can.

Stay tuned

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Fender blades look awesome
can't wait to see more

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Where can I get those fender blades? And is that the GT-RR front lip?

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+1 thats one of the coolest little things I've seen for the GT-R. Where can I get this?

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Love them, too! Where's your shop in NY? Price? More pics pls...

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Sorry haven't had too much time to update the thread, but here's the details on what was done
  • Tinted Windows (5% Sides & Rear | 20% Windshield)
  • TS-Style Front Lip wrapped in Matte Lime Green Vinyl
  • Stillen Side Skirts wrapped in Matte Lime Green Vinyl
  • Rear Lip wrapped in Matte Lime Green Vinyl
  • Matte Lime Green Calipers w/ Matte Black ONEighty Decals
  • Front Bumper Center color-coded Jet Black
  • Carbon Fiber Vinyl Exhaust Shroud
  • Midnight Taillights (blacked out inner shrouds & matching outer tail to the inner) w/ smoked 3rd Brake Light
  • Metallic Black Powdercoated stock 20″ Wheels w/ shaved center caps (Nissan replaced with RAYS decal & cleared)
  • Fender Duct painted Matte Black
  • Fender Blade painted Matte Black w/ Matte Lime Green painted accents | GT-R color-coded Jet Black w/ Illuminated "R"
  • Air Intake Hood Ducts painted Matte Black w/ Matte Lime Green Accents
  • Headlight Shrouds painted Matte Black | Dual Projector shrouds color-coded Jet Black
  • Grille wrapped in Carbon Fiber vinyl w/ Matte Lime Green vinl strip
  • Front GT-R Emblem Base color-coded Jet Black w/ Matte Black Emblem & Matte Lime Green "R"
  • Rear GT-R Emblem painted matte Black w/ Matte Lime Green painted "R"
  • Door Handles color-coded Jet-Black (inside out)
  • Inside Mirror painted Matte Lime Green accent
  • Front Side-Markers color-coded Jet Black
  • Rear Side-Markers color-coded Jet Black
  • Carbon Fiber Hood Dampers
  • Engine Cover "Nissan" shaved & color-coded Jet Black and Lime Green
  • Interior Trim (16pc) Color-Coded Jet Black
  • Back-Seat Plastic Arm Rest wrapped with Alcantara & color-coded Cup Holder ring
  • Door Sills wrapped with Carbon Fiber Vinyl
  • Hard-Wired Radar
  • Carbon Fiber Roof Vinyl (with Antenna & Impact Strips)
  • Headlight Bi-Xenon Projector Retrofit in place of OEM High-Beam
  • Headlight Dual LED Orb Rings
  • Dual 4300K Xenon HID
  • Switch-Back LED Retrofit into Fender Blades (Amber turn signal & pure white LED parking light
  • Rewired factory DTRL to parking lights
  • Pure White LED Front Turn Signal Bulbs (Stealth bulbs - Black)
  • Amber LED Rear Turn Signal Bulbs (Stealth bulbs - Black)
  • Pure White LED Back Up Bulbs (Stealth bulbs - Black)
  • Pure White LED License Plate Bulbs
  • Full Interior Pure White LED Kit (dome, doors & trunk)
Let me know if you guys would like any pics of the mods stated above. I'll update the thread with the work in progress pictures as I upload em.

You can find a few shots of the car here before wheels get thrown on.

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Looks good! Where is the front lip from?
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