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MSRP or lower in So. California?

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Hi There. Looking to jump back into a 2012 GTR. Wonder if any of you had positive experiences getting a 2012 GTR at msrp or under at any southern california dealership. I stopped by Connel in Costa Mesa a few days ago to test the waters and off the bat they want $10k over msrp. Now I didn't stick around to negotiate or chit chat (just in and out in 10 minutes) since I wasn't ready to buy but will be by this weeks end. Can anyone point me to a dealership that will work with me?


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Hi robot trader, i now where you can get your gtr at a fair price in southern 323-434-5306 ask for john,,,he is a internet director at a nissan store..
california has the highest GTR prices.....
For sure! I'm hoping the tried and true open checkbook with pen ready works. I really hate wasting time going through negotiations.

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